About Us

Siem en Felix

Siem Stinesen and Felix van de Veerdonk desired a personal workshop early on during their education. They required a space that would enable them to stash all their ideas, sketches and plans, and give them the opportunity to create. This got out of hand quite quickly, and this is how Soepel producten came to be.


Siem has an ever growing sense regarding production techniques, knew he wanted to be an inventor ever since he was a child and has been a product developer for over a couple years already. As the man of endless ideas and designer with Soepel products, he has become this inventor he always wanted to be.
Felix makes sure that all ‘’Soepel products’’ are perfectly developed and utterly ready for production. As the other halve of the ‘’Soepel producten duo’’ the mechanical engineer has felt at home in workshops his entire life and can go in any direction with his tremendous knowledge regarding materials. It’s impossible for Felix to lose his enthusiasm, this enables him to produce every possible idea.



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