A different approach towards drying your laundry, inspired by the forgotten old-english manner. Designed with a modern view on assembly.
After effortlessly hanging your clothes to dry, it’s possible to lift the complete clothing rack towards the ceiling. This means that while your laundry is drying, it doesn’t limit your living space. In addition, no more hassle with clothespins. Raaklijn (the Dutch translation for Tangent) is a clothing rack that can be lifted by using specially designed pulleys.
This clothing rack is made of wooden profiles that are clamped within powdercoated metal frames, supported by rubber. The shape of the rubber profiles allows a rigid connection between the two different materials. This low-tech solution is the starting point within the Raaklijn design. This allows the user to assemble the product them self, and without any tools or technical know-how. In addition, this makes it possible for the product to be transported Flat-pack.

Raaklijn Details




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