Brakish Bar

As the name suggests, the water bar BRAK is all about fresh and saltwater. A search for the revaluation and optimal utilization of the water on Vlieland was started on behalf of Lab Vlieland. The Brackish bar was designed as a local water treatment installation that collects the sea and rain water and purifies it to drinkable water. In collaboration with Studio Floris Schoonderbeek, Soepel Producten has made the water cycle of Vlieland visible.

The Water bar BRAK was presented during the Into The Great Wide Open Festival during the summer of 2017. During the festival, the presentation was supported by products from Weltevree. In a warm and intimate ambiance, the water baristas told about the distillation process of the Brackish bar while enjoying a ‘Vlielandic’ water cocktail, (ice) tea or lemonade. Everything under the light blue dome revolved around the water cycle of Vlieland. In collaboration with Weltevree.




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