Co-Design Coaches

During the “Week of the Nightstand”, Felix and Siem stood by as inventive coaches for forty enthusiastic students. The annual project of Fundamentals Academy gives students the chance to realize their long-cherished ideas and designs.

The participants had the most divergent dreams; from a self-designed watch to a skateboard made out of waste. From a study into a new type of textile to an amplifier for which no electricity is needed.

In collaboration with Leonie & Lois, Soepel Producten made sure that participants could get the most out of themselves from their own motivation, through personal guidance. The week of the nightstand ended with an exhibition, during which the students managed to amaze themselves with their own results.

For the 2017 edition, Soepel Producten not only arranged the coaching, but also the decoration, technical support and the organisation of the exhibition.







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