EPS Collection

Pouring Lost Foam is a technique that is used often for the production of engine parts and is is therefore almost always hidden in the housing. The EPS Collection, a series of wood stoves, does show this unknown production method.

Multiple stoves have been designed in EPS (Styrofoam), that are then placed in a container filled with sand. Molten cast iron will be poured on top of this. Due to the big temperature difference, the EPS-model burns away completely, thus leaving the cast iron to take the place of the model.

For this project, Siem of Soepel Producten has supported Klaas Kuiken’s studio during a graduation assignment in: the design, research into the operation and technical development of the stoves. The wood stoves, in multiple designs, can be viewed on Klaas Kuiken’s website.

Graduation assignment at Studio Klaas Kuiken






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