Hoist Hut

In the summer of 2017, Collectief Soepel made plans for an idyllic tree hut on ‘Camping Rijnoever’ in Oosterbeek. The tree hut stands on top of the stump of an old willow. At first the plan was to place the hut at the top of the willow tree, but sadly the old willow was cut down by Rijkswaterstaat and the whole plan seemed to fall apart.

In collaboration with camping owner Pieter Brantjes, the plan for the Hoist Hut came to be. A telephone mast was poured into concrete in the remainder of the old willow. A detached construction was built around the load-bearing pillar, to enable the hut to be hoisted up to a height of one and a half meters during high water. This extraordinary hoist construction is connected to the central mast. The water can thus stream carelessly into the forelands during winter periods, without the Hoist Hut getting wet feet.

This sustainable solution makes sure that the Hoist Hut will last for at least ten years. Brantjes finds it incredible that his guests will be able to use the hut during the summertime.

In collaboration with Collectief Soepel
Photography: Bart Laport




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